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Drum Cafe, a world leader in corporate team building activities and conference entertainment ideas has offices across Canada in Toronto, Mississauga, London, Niagara, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ontario, Quebec & Manitoba.

Our clients include massive corporations like Microsoft, BMW, Google, Starbucks and Philips all the way down to independently owned businesses.

Our corporate interactive drumming for team-building programs, conference presentations and breakout sessions are designed to align with purpose, connect, collaborate, and to engage the beat of your corporate culture.

Every Company Has a Rhythm

Much like a musical instrument, a company can fall out of harmony. The underlying vision that propelled it to its current heights has the potential to become muddied with office politics and lack of cohesion between members. Team building helps to get back on track and in tune with the original energy and underlying values. Drumming acts as a calibration tool that reinforces the values that exist as the cornerstones your organisation's success.

Drum Cafe’s interactive drumming is a powerful way to make any event unforgettable! It’s an interactive entertainment event where everyone gets to play a drum! There are no spectators – only performers - who are all involved at the same level, thereby encouraging a cooperative, non-competitive relationship amongst the group. Collaboration and the freedom to communicate ideas are key to the modern business world. We tap into the values and ideals that make your organisation unique to assist in fostering the perfect collaborative team building experience.

Organisational charts are vertical or hierarchical while drumming circles involve everyone at the same level. Drum Cafe is a unique team building ice breaker for meetings and corporate wellness programs. Rhythm is within all of us as a basic universal language that everyone understands, allowing dialogue among us at the most basic creative level in a language that is able to transcend barriers, traditional or otherwise. By levelling the playing field with a participatory exercise that relaxes as well as excites and focuses, you cut through stress and reservation, allowing individuals to feel comfortable with themselves relative to their position within the structure. This creates a space for the comfortable exchange of ideas and overall better communication.

Like-minded individuals come together and merge their rhythmical experience into one musical expression or “group vision” in our corporate wellness programs. The process of creating music, like business, has to be understood by everyone to succeed. Nothing brings to life the key elements of effective communication and teamwork, as does a group of people attempting to create music together during the breakout sessions.

Drumming gives us a chance to express our own individual rhythm.

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